Product Introduction

Since 2014 we have filed 38+ national patents relating to the creativity and practicality of our fire device, fire extinguisher bomb (FEB) , a product of 10-year intensive R&D which are now under the umbrella of China's National Intellectual Property Administration. Making breakthroughs innovatively and eco-friendly, the fire device employs novel power materials, ultrafine ABC dry powder extinguishing agent and recyclable paper for a special procedure for which we formed our unique workmanship and management. Putting safety first, our FEBs can be hurled distantly from and effectively contain the fire. Our FEBs come in:

●3 types by usage: by hand, aircraft or ejector;

●9 types by powder weight: 750, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 20000, 50000, 70000 and 100000;

●3 types by ignition: self-ignited, ring pulled or induced (by temperature, smoke and flame).


Proprietary Technology and Technical Innovation

Safe and eco-friendly certified by the National Science and Technology Department

Applicable Fire Scenes

World Joy's New Environmental Protection Fire Extinguisher Device: Fire Protection Requirements and Current Fire Protection Status

Demo Videos
World Joy – Fire Extinguisher Bomb
Fire Extinguishing Test by Airdropped Device with Proximity Detection
Hurl/pull-ring devices
UAV Fire Bombing Exercise 2020
World Joy devices can easily extinguish the fire for large flammable materials!
10000g can be used in the industry area to extinguisher fire!
Fire extinguisher device would keep 0.5cm only glass 100% intact!
Fire extinguisher device is totally harmless to human health